Dr. Stephen Piechota
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Dr. Stephen Piechota, Pharm D., CNC


Dr. Stephen Piechota received his B.S. from University of Connecticut School of Pharmacology, and his Doctorate of Clinical Therapeutics Degree from Idaho State University. He practiced pharmaceutical medicine for 40 years before he retired from that profession to pursue his dream of bringing real healthcare and enlightenment to his fellow-man. To further his knowledge in the art of holistic healing, Dr Steve has taken comprehensive training in clinical nutrition and naturopathic medicine, as well as read and studied countless books on the subject. He is fervent in his belief in serving the highest of principles, truth and God, and is totally dedicated to provide healthcare to his fellow-man.

Dr. Steve hosts a talk show called: ALTERNATIVE HEALTH MATTERS, which airs on WATR 1320AM out of Waterbury Connecticut, each Wednesday evening at 6PM. He has hosted numerous seminars in the Greater Waterbury Area, and is the author of a book called 100 Natural Health Designs, which is a quick and ready reference on how to naturally treat over 100 common ailments or diseases.

Dr. Steve, as his patients like to call him, is the creator of the Medical Arts Health & Nutrition Centers, and the concept known as "Via Nova". Via Nova literally means "A New Way", and in this case, a new way to better health. We promote a guided self-care system which seeks to integrate conventional, allopathic medicine with serveral alternative disciplines, eg.: clinical nutrition, herbal medicine, homeopathy, ayurvedic and oriental medicine.

This integration of conventional and alternative philosophies provides a more truthful approach to real healing. The holistic view, that the whole person, which includes the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects must be considered if real healing and optimum health are to be achieved. With this belief system as a foundation, we have built two health enhancement centers which are designed to provide the public with a means to access real professional guidance, the finest in natural products, and the information you need to fully understand the rationale of this new way to better health.


Dr. Stephen Piechota

Pharm D., CNC

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