Dr. Jorge Cruz
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Dr. Jorge Cruz, CNC


Dr.Cruz is a nutritional consultant for PHARMAX LLC, and has had training in the diagnosis and treatment of diabetes and endocrinology. He is fluent in Spanish, English, French, Italian, Portuguese and German. He is an integral part of our staff here at the Medical Arts Health & Nutrition Center of Bristol.

Dr. Jorge Cruz is a medically trained physician who earned his Medical Degree at the University of Santo Domingo in 1975. He worked as a resident physician at both The Bronx Lebanon Hospital and The Metropolitan Hospital in New York City. He is a Certified Clinical Nutritionist, and is also trained in Iridology, a method of diagnosing disease by examining the human eye.

Dr. Cruz declined to become a licensed physician in the U.S. after he witnessed the way that patients were treated by medical practitioners, health facilities and insurance companies. He believes that most medical conditions can be treated with high quality supplements, dietary changes and life style changes.

Dr. Cruz sees patients at our Bristol location. He has given numerous seminars and radio shows on health and healing.

Dr. Cruz has an outstanding relationship with his patients. He is an excellent diagnostician, and shows compassion to all of our clients. He commonly spends about an hour or two with each client. He often uses diagnostic testing utilizing urine and saliva. He has many success stories to his credit.


Dr. Jorge Cruz


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