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As a Doctor of Pharmacy I spent many years seeking to practice a level of Pharmacy that was beyond any ever seen. The Medical Arts Pharmacy of Waterbury, Connecticut offered consultative and informational services that were innovative and unique in their design.The purpose of this advanced approach was to maximize the effectiveness and safety of prescription medication. In addition to the conventional approach, an evolving integration of alternative disciplines became a distinct component of the Medical Arts Philosophy.

Eventually it became more and more apparent to me that the business of health care and the drug industry had truly lost their way. Their motivation and purpose seemed to revolve solely around money and profit. My disenchantment with conventional medicine finally reached a point wherein I felt obligated to divorce myself from a broken system. One that had departed from the purpose of healing. Consequent to this Epiphany, I have learned through experience, that many medications, even those most often recommended for common illnesses, can have side effects that are often more harmful. Before long,the patient is prescribed new medication to alleviate the symptoms caused by the first medication, and soon, the patient is taking a colorful cocktail of pills each day, and yet their health continues to deteriorate.

I gave up my practice and stopped practicing pharmacy. Today, I pursue a quest to give God's creatures in need, the help they require to restore or maintain optimal health by employing safe, natural alternative therapies. We seek to reverse disease, retard aging, restore vigor and reclaim one's health destiny. A large family of satisfied healthy clients are living proof of the success of our approach. We at the Medical Arts Health & Nutrition Centers can do the same for you!

- Dr. Steve

Our Garden in Bristol, Connecticut.


Meditation has become a very popular form of stress relief and a means to greater spiritual awareness. Even conventional physicians are recommending it to their patients. We have a beautiful contemplative garden at our Bristol location. It is open to the public. Weather permitting, you are welcome to bring lunch and a friend, or stop by anytime to enjoy it.

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Bristol Office
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Garden in Bristol, CT
Garden in Bristol, CT
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